About Me

Welcome to Diastasis Recti Recovery!

This site has been created with a simple mission in mind: To Empower Women To Heal Their Diastasis Recti.

Side mission:  To Help The “Every Mother Counts” Foundation

So, who the heck am I?

I’m a 30-something mother of two.  My son, Henry, is 4 years old.  My daughter, Emilia, is 14 months.  They are delightful.  I’m married to a great guy named Brad.  I will likely (definitely) gripe about him at some point(s), so let’s just establish that he’s great here and now.  🙂  My background is in health care- I’ve practiced Optometry for the past decade.  I’ve also worked in real estate, flipping houses with a cousin and then building new homes with a development company.

Who else am I?

A woman with Diastasis Recti.  A woman who has been frustrated by the lack of information about this condition, lack of resources, lack of treatment.  A woman who is determined to change that!  I’ve learned the hard way about this condition, and with what I know now could have prevented a large portion of it.  But, why hasn’t my health care provider talked about it?  Or the trainer at the gym?  Or my chiropractor?  DR affects close to 100% of pregnant women to some degree.  100%!!!    And untreated, it causes that “mummy tummy,” loss of core strength, and lower back pain…and we can make it worse on accident…or heal it with a planned approach.

I’ve researched and gone through multiple programs.  I’ve looked at the science behind the various approaches, the conflicting information, and sifted through the confusion and overwhelm.  I’ve put my doctor mind to work, switching from eyeballs to abdominal muscles and connective tissue.  I have done my best to simplify the concepts, treatment plan and approach to make them accessible and doable for every mother.

So, HERE is your planned approach!  Here is your resource!  Here’s exactly what you need to know about Diastasis Recti- what it is, why it affects us, what to avoid, and how to help your body heal.  You don’t have to just live with it.  But, you do need to be proactive, to commit to this simple approach, and know you deserve to have your core strength back.

You rock, Mama…and you’ve got this!

*Please know that although these exercises have been reviewed by a physical therapist, I am not a physical therapist.  Please visit the Disclaimer page and review with your doctor if you have concerns or physical limitations.*