Take a Moment of Gratitude!

Hello Mama!

First Things First!

I know that you’ve signed up for this course to learn how to be proactive with your core strength, whether you are currently pregnant and want to PREVENT diastasis recti (the splitting of abdominal muscles)  or HEAL it.  And, you’ll get everything you need!

But, before we dive in, let’s just take a moment…

A moment to really recognize, appreciate, and embrace the magnitude of what our bodies are doing or have done in creating another life.

How incredible is pregnancy?

Somehow, without you having to put any conscious effort or direction into it, your body is MAKING A NEW PERSON.

You don’t have to learn how to replicate DNA, build lungs, start a heartbeat, or nourish the baby.  Your phenomenal body is like, “It’s cool.  I got this.  You relax, take care of me and then we’ll introduce this little one to the world.”

It’s seriously amazing.

So, let’s not forget all that when we are feeling bloated, or weirdly emotional, or like we’ll never get our old bodies back…

Our bodies work hard to do what half the population (men!) cannot- actually grow a baby.

I ask you to shut your eyes for just a moment.  Feel your heart beat.  If you’re currently pregnant, feel for any baby movement.  If you’ve already had the baby, think of the feel of that precious weight in your arms.  Feel the body that gave you this gift.  Are your shoulders tense?  Relax them.  What is your mouth doing?  Make it smile.  Take a deep breath.

Your body has made you a Mama.

In return, we’re going to make sure it feels loved, appreciated, nourished, cared for and strengthened.  Everything we want for our babies, we’re not going to forget to do for ourselves.

That starts with this deep breath, this moment of gratitude.  You’re awesome, Mama!

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